Setting the record straight, contemporary pastors are no longer solely interested in getting people to Heaven; they’ve devised intelligent ways to make good money while reaching out to souls. For the so called men of God swim in millions, while their congregations are incredibly poor.

In Ghana, the number of fake holders of the Christian sacred book, Holy Bible outnumber the genuine ones. However, because Ghanaian believers are religiously notorious, no amount of fake prophecies exhibited by these men of God will compel the congregation to forsake the so called ‘men of God.’

Now, Bishop Daniel Obinim who happens to be the leader and founder of International God’s Way Church (IGWC) always appear in the news for engaging in questionable acts. He’s arguably the leading controversial ‘man of God’ in Ghana. But it looks like there is a fierce competitor gunning for Obinim’s unofficial title of being the most controversial pastor in Ghana in recent memory.

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