Body shaming is a culture that is so deeply-rooted in our society today and it is slowly becoming a norm.

In as much as most of us are victims of this vice all of us have been or are still culprits whether intentional or unintentional.

Innocent statements like you have a pretty face for your size, you look fat or skinny in that outfit, diet advice are just a few examples of body shaming.
Social Media is so far the biggest platform where body shamers thrive striking hard at their poor victims while hiding behind their screens.

Well, the most of the victims are public figures worldwide some have been able to stand up to against it and countless others have sunk in depression or even committed suicide.

Here is the list of the 6 Kenyan Celebrities who went through stood against body shaming.
1. Anerlisa Muingai
2.Willis Raburu
3. Njugush
4. Dj Pierra Makena
5. Gustavo King
6. Sharon Mundia

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