Nairobi, Kenya: Adspace Africa in partnership with Eskimi DSP, a Lithuania-based firm and the largest programmatic network in Africa, have today shortened the gap between outdoor buying and online advertising by allowing you to advertise offline and online at the same time.

The outdoor industry hasn’t quite taken to using data and Adspace sees this as the right opportunity to intimately integrate the two. Basically, businesses can now place a billboard anywhere in Kenya while also buying the equivalent online audience in the same location(s).

“Today we exist in a much more interconnected world, your offline audience is also online. And that’s where the integration with programmatic advertising comes in to make this space more data-driven, automated and measurable. We are really excited to partner with Eskimi DSP,” Fred Kithinzi, CIO at Adspace Africa, emphasizes.

Eskimi DSP is providing Adspace with the location data pouring off people’s smartphones, which is then matched to our existing outdoor inventory. Once the user sees the outdoor ad, they are subsequently served a similar message through online banner ads on relevant websites, blogs, apps et al. This way, we are able to connect offline to online and reinforce the communication with a concise and measurable call to action.

The table below shows the top 10 cities/towns with the highest online audience mined off people’s smartphone location data. This is as of the last 30 days and it fluctuates due to the movement of people.

1897771 - Adspace Africa partners with Eskimi DSP to integrate outdoor and online media buying

“Outdoor has always been implemented as an awareness channel. We, however, see a great opportunity in this partnership with Adspace Africa to move the consumer further down the funnel towards conversion,” Egle Ribaciauskaite, East Africa Regional Director at Eskimi DSP, adds on.

Once the user is served the online ad, they have an option to click, visit a website and/or download an app and learn more about the business, even purchase a product. Using various tracking tools, Adspace can then report on how many site visitors, leads, purchases acquired during the campaign. And through that, we can now attribute the ROI of programmatic outdoor buying.

“Adspace’s intention is to become the ultimate cross channel (outdoor and digital) platform. This will provide advertisers and brand managers the ability to autonomously book outdoor advertising space and leverage the existing online audience estimated to be over 20 million,” Bertha Babu, CEO at Adspace Africa, concludes. About Adspace Africa: Adspace Africa empowers Advertisers to do smart advertising by integrating data into various consumer touch points. We are comprised of a team of technologists and media strategists looking to bring efficiencies and measurability into the advertising world.

Adspace Africa is a subsidiary of Belva Digital Ltd, an award-winning performance marketing agency.


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