Just months after dumping King of Bongo, Diamond Platnamz, radio girl Tanasha Donna is rumoured to have moved on and all her woman needs are taken care by one Jamal Gadaffi, well what with them being so close lately!

Jamal was even the jamaa who announced to the world that Tanasha had she converted to Islam and even unveiled her new name as Aisha and later introduced her to a new family of Muslim brothers and sisters.

They seem too close, she walks around with him everywhere he goes. They even started supporting a children’s home in Eastleigh. With this initiative, she then went ahead to open a foundation, Tanasha Donna Community Service that seems to be managed by Jamal.

Since they are not siblings, rumors will start circulating that the two are dating and munching each other like nobody’s business, they can’t convince anybody that they are just friends because we had never seen them this close way back when Tanasha was a radio present to the days she dated Diamond.

Well, in an interview with one and only Willy M Tuva, the question came up and she giggled and saying thus;

Jamal is in my team, I have a very small team and we are all very hard working. Jamal is also helping manage a few of my things. We are just one team with one dream. Jamal is my brother, I know his sister and he has a very beautiful wife and a beautiful child as well, and I respect them fully. Jamal is just my brother, he is my family na hata mwenyewe aliulizwa hilo swali and he made it clear that we are just a team and we are very professional but always watu watatafuta something to say, out of anything

1 27 - After dumping TZ Music star Diamond Platnumz radio girl Tanasha Donna is being ‘munched’ by Jamal Gadaffi?
Munched or not munched? eaten, boom! case closed, next rumour please??

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