By Ezekiel Mburu
Philanthropic Nairobi governor MIKE MBUVI SONKO is a man full of surprises. He is the type of person who shares what he has by appreciating the people working for him. He is simply a boss and a half.

Yesterday, the flamboyant Nairobi governor gifted his no nonsense Blogger-In-Chief Albert Nyakundi Amenya famously known as The Banana Peddler with a brand new Mercedes-Benz S-class worth Sh10m.

Sonko’s move to award a blogger shocked many, save for those who know him for his generosity.

Speaking in His SONKO Rescue Team Headquarters while handing over the keys to Banana Peddler, he said he wanted the event to be private.
He thanked the Banana Peddler for his loyalty and comprehensive coverage of his events and exemplary PR.

Sonko said he cannot ride in big cars while his blogger drives an old BMW given the weight of work he does for him.

I don’t feel comfortable when people around me are struggling yet God has blessed me with a way I can bail them out. That is why I have decided to surprise my Banana Peddler for his loyalty, dedication and hard work. More surprises are on the way, stay tuned. For thos who are making noise, let them keep making noise but I’ll continue sharing whatever little I have with my people” said Sonko..

Screenshot 20190522 053523 Gallery - AMAZING! SONKO Gifts Blogger BANANA PEDDLER with brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class worth Sh8m
The special features of Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

According to luxury car psychologists, the For the past thirty years, the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG is a pioneer platform for technology, class, safety and style. The car itself is the personal statement to other road users with its unbeatable road presence.

In profile, and with its five-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels, the S500 looks like a slightly less ‘Bruce Wayne’ version of 2004’s Maybach Exelero concept car.

The lines from the long bonnet that lead to the low, pillarless glasshouse and short tail are smooth and elegant. The over-sized three-point star up front and the new slimline LED tail lights at the back complete the look that tells other road users that ‘I made my life choices, and they were good’.

Soft and supple multi-stitched leather and a combination of wood and satin metal trims cover every inch of the dashboard that seems to envelope the front seat occupants. The panoramic glass roof gives the cabin a light and spacious sensation”

Likewise, The Banana Peddler did not want the news to be disclosed to the public for reasons known to himself although he was heard saying he’ll sell the car and get the one he can comfortably fuel and run errands with.

The Peddler thanked his boss and also said he’ll not do away with his BMW and will instead keep it or gift someone in future.

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