Kiambu women representative is yet again on news headlines for threatening a freelance journalist Milton Were.

In an early morning phone call the women representative told of the freelance journalist that she would make sure that he disappears in a funny manner if you continued writing stories about her.


Talking to the journalist who she claimed own the man who uses his pen to write and earn a living said that he did not know the owner of that site and that is never participated in such writing.

“Starting a site is not an is easy thing it is cumbersome and requires a lot of finance to run a news site where can I go and get such resources from? Secondly the women representative did not even take time to ask me if I knew anything about the site but the best thing she did was to give a phone call and start threatening my life which I don’t think he’s right according to the Kenyan constitution. What even makes this thing was is that the lawmaker is no stranger to controversies and that she was once a journalist how can she feel if somebody threatened her life when she was working. it is so sad that leaders were given the mantle to protect the people and talk on behalf of the people have turned out to be hyenas who want to eat their own people in the name of safeguarding their own interests.” He said
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The women representative is said to have been choked by two stories that were running on the site and demanded that they be pulled down.

Kiambu women representative is no stranger to controversies after Bing the talk of the town adding local men to embrace polygamy.

In August 2017 barely weeks after clinching has it she went on national TV and lambasted the proposal for salary cap for MPs by the salaries and remuneration commission. The legislator claimed that she wanted to be paid well and be honoured for who she was a remarks that didn’t go well with Kenyans who are suffering on day-to-day occurrence of their lives.

A section of kiambu residents even began collecting signatures seeking immediate ouster even after she apologize for the remarks only hours after making them.
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Raised in Komothai, Githunguri, in a nuclear family of four and a stepfamily of 11, wa Muchomba has in the past unapologetically referred to her father as “an irresponsible drunkard who cared very little for the family.”

She said his behavior affected her relationship with men so negatively that she vowed never to get married.

Having emerged the best in her district in her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam, Gathoni joined Precious Blood Riruta where she was, at one time, almost forced to drop out due to lack of school feed but a ‘Good Samaritan’ came to her aid.

That m Japanese national, was – coincidentally – a volunteer teacher at the same institution Gathoni’s mother worked as a casual labourer; Komothai Girls School.

While at Precious Blood, ‘Minji Minji,’ as she is popularly known, detested half-term breaks because her mother could not afford the Ksh.2 for her bus fare.

“This meant I had to hike a lift and if I was not lucky, I would stay home for some days.”

Gathoni then joined Makuyu Secondary School as an untrained teacher, and later enrolled at the University of Nairobi for a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

While in her second year, Gathoni was offered a job by one of her lecturers; a job which saw her travel around the country documenting the activities of farmers at the grassroots level.

These activities saw her clips aired on the national broadcaster, KBC, which later earned her a job as a presenter at Kameme FM while in her fourth year of study.

She later returned to the same university for a Masters Degree in Communication, during which period she got pregnant with her first child; Melissa Wanjiru in 2003.

wa Muchomba would later ditch Kameme for Inooro FM, afterwhich she set up Smart Media College and, later, a digital television channel, Utugi TV, based solely on agriculture.

While declaring her interest in the race for the Kiambu Woman Representative, wa Muchomba caused a stir in the region when she publicly declared that the then incumbent Ann Nyokabi, a relative of President Uhuru Kenyatta, did not scare her.

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