Photo: Nyeri town MP Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu, the founder of Kieleweke, has accsed DP Ruto of undermining President Uhuru.

Kapseret MP Hon Oscar Sudi is threatened to expose those who killed the former IEBC director for ICT Chris Musando. The late Musando as murdered a few days before the 2017 general election and despite promises by the DCI nobody was prosecuted or arrested over the cold murder.

The threat by Hon Sudi has been dismissed and challenged by a top Mt Kenya member of parliament who has thrown back the challenge asking the MP to name the killers of Administration Police Officer Sergent Kenei, the head of security at Ruto’s Harambee House Annex Office. Kenei was murdered in February 2020.

Kenei was alleged to have been murdered to cover up for the arms deal scandal that was signed by former Sports cabinet secretary Rashi Echesa inside Ruto’s office boardroom.The DCI revealed that top Ruto aides did some actions that may amount to cover up.

The MP also challenged Hon Sudi to name the killers of ICC witness one Yebei whose body was found in river Nzoia and also killers of Jacob Juma who was a nemesis of DP Ruto.

Else the controversial Gatundu South MP Hon Moses Kuria last week revealed that 2017 and 2013 general elections were rigged, he offered his congratulatory message to Raila Odinga. In 2015 Kuria made another earth shaking revelation when he said that he had coached witnesses to fix Ruto at the ICC.

Elsewhere political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has accused camp Ruto of being hypocrites and not true believers of Jesus Christ

1 79 - Before you reveal Musando killers, tell us who ordered murder of Kenei, Yebei and Jacob Juma
My FREN @kipmurkomen I FORGOT to respond. Pardon my MANNERS. I was not IDLE, but NOW I am. You PEOPLE are FAKE Christians. You think that GOD is STUPID. That you can MANIPULATE Him. Am I RIGHT or Am I Right? tweeted Ngunyi

Mutahi Ngunyi@MutahiNgunyi: My FREN @kipmurkomen SORRY, I just woke up. SEEN your RESPONSE. But you did NOT confirm if you are FAKE Christians or NOT Fake. Please Confirm. It is a SIMPLE QUESTION. God is WAITING.

Mutahi Ngunyi @MutahiNgunyi: My FREN @kipmurkomen Another QUESTION from the BIBLE: If you People STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY, DO you WORSHIP the Devil? JESUS taught us that the DEVIL comes to STEAL, to KILL and to DESTROY. By the WAY, the DEVIL QUOTES the Bible better than YOU DO!

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