The registrar of political parties has declined to reserve the name Jubilee Asili saying it contravenes legal requirements. In a letter addressed to DP Ruto ally Andrew Simiyu, RPP said the name Jubilee Asili is not compliant with section 8 of Political parties Act 2011 and if such a name is registered it will contravene Article 91 of Constitution of Kenya.
1.JPG - BREAKING: Registrar of political parties BLOCKS registration of DP Ruto’s Jubilee Asili
Last week Lawyer Frendrick Okango explained why RPP may not register the proposed Ford Asili name; here was his take:
“Today Kenyans were treated to some Political news that there could be plans to either register a Jubilee Asili party or unveil a Jubilee Asili party. When you look at the name , logo, slogan and colours of Jubilee Asili party keenly, It might not pass the provisions of Section 8 (b) and (c) of The Political Parties Act, 2012.The Act stipulates that Parties with certain names may not to be registered by the Registrar if the name of the political party, the abbreviation of the name or the symbol that it wishes to use is the name, or is an abbreviation of another political party that is registered under this Act; or so nearly resembles the name or symbol, or an abbreviation of the name of another political party registered under this Act . In this case contention is with the colours and symbol . (Original) Jubilee Party and Jubilee Asili seems to bear some resemblance in their symbol and colours. #TukoPamoja vs #SotePamoja. It will end in premium tears” – Frendrick Okango
Well, nice try Tanga tanga, look for another name….

More to follow

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