A teacher on Tuesday appeared in a Bungoma court for allegedly beating a 16-year-old student to death.

Chrispinus Wanyonyi, a teacher at Bishop Atundo High School, is accused of killing Bethwel Ogola. The teacher did not take plea.

Police asked the court to give them 14 days to complete investigations. 

Senior magistrate CA Mutai said in the interest of Justice he will only grant the prosecution seven days to complete their probe.

The case will be mentioned on March 13.

The incident is alleged to have happened when Wanyonyi was disciplining students during a maths revision class on February 11.

He allegedly beat Ogola who fell on the ground and injured his head.

The student was taken to a local dispensary and later transferred to Bungoma West Hospital in Kanduyi where he has been on a coma before he died on March 3.

Ogola's relatives told journalists their son was hit by the teacher at the back of his head leading to his death. Angry relatives said they want justice for their son.

Meanwhile, two brothers linked to the Mt Elgon killings, who had refused to enter court on Monday, were brought back on Tuesday under heavy security.

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1903652 - Bungoma teacher appears in court over student's death

Suspects Timothy Kiptai alias Cheparkach and Zakayo Ngeiywo in a Bungoma court, March 5, 2019. /BRIAN OJAMAA

Timothy Kiptai alias Cheparkach and Zakayo Ngeiywo had been taken to court over one of the murder cases they facing following a killing spree in Mt Elgon last year.

The suspects caused commotion at the Bungoma Law Courts on Monday by shouting and wailing for at least 30 minutes. Police took them back to prison.

They returned today under heavy guard.

The suspects pleaded with the court to give them witness statements and all necessary documents in connection to the case they were facing.

Magistrate Mutai asked the prosecution to give them the documents.

Prosecutor Job Akello, however, accused them of causing unnecessary delays since they had earlier been given the files which they refused to take.

Mutai scheduled the hearing of the case on May 7 and mention on March 19.

The brothers are facing murder, rape and robbery with violence charges.

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