The annual process, according to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), should be undertaken by every taxpayer between January 1 and June 30.

According to KRA, returns should be filed by every taxpayer between January 1 and June 30. Photo: KRA
Source: UGC

Since KRA offloaded these service to its online based platform iTax, declaration of returns has been simplified and any citizen can perform it from anywhere.

For one to be able to file income returns, one needs the following things:

a. A phone or computer with active internet connection

b. KRA PIN (yours and that of your employer)

c. Acquire a P9 form from your employer which will proved the following requirements:

  • Gross Salary – Annual
  • Pension Amount – Annual
  • Chargeable pay – annual
  • Tax charged – Annual
  • PAYE – Annual
  • Tax Relief – Annual

With the new iTax system, one can file returns without the P9 form, as long as their employer was loyal at remitting PAYE.

Steps to follow.

1. Open your internet browser and log in on iTax

2. The site will open up and provide you and option to enter your KRA PIN, then password and an answer to an arithmetic operation.




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