camera what to look for when picking your next smartphone - CAMERA: What to look for when picking your next smartphone

Chances are that you are looking to buy another smartphone and one with a great camera ranks high on your rundown of must-have specifics. For smartphone cameras, more megapixels never mean the better the photos. The manner in which a few smartphones and cameras are promoted currently, you’d think that the more megapixels they have the better the camera, however megapixels aren’t the most ideal approach to judge a smartphone camera.

So, how would you know whether the camera on a smartphone is great or just alright? Here are different pointers of camera quality that you should remember while picking your next smartphone.


This is the feature that assists you not to take blurry images. It allows the camera to correctly focus on the subject. Most smartphone cameras come with the feature — but again it’s always a good idea to double check and make sure.

HDR capabilities

If you already have a phone that can photos in HDR (high dynamic range), you have noticed that when the mode is enabled, your phone tends to take a little longer to take the picture. This is because your camera is actually taking three pictures at different exposures instead of one. It then automatically puts these images together and highlights the best parts of each photo into one.

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A major purpose of a flash is to illuminate a dark scene. Other uses are capturing quickly moving objects or changing the quality of light. Your phone’s camera should come with a strong flash and, even better, with a dual LED flash. A dual LED is twice as bright as the standard one and provides good lighting for your photos.

4K video recording

Photos are not the only features you can get from a camera. Today, smartphones are capable of recording high quality videos. Always go for the one that will let you take impressive 4K footage.

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