pastoralist - Children die after rustlers open fire in Kerio Valley

Its sad to imagine the type and level of insecurity that is currently existent in Kenya.This is as tension has been reported to be high at Tot area in Kerio valley following the killing of two children by suspected rustlers from the neighboring Baringo County who also made away with livestock.

The victims Collins Kemboi, 12 and Kiprono Kilimo, 10, died in a hail of bullets after the rustlers opened fire at them indiscriminately on Sunday afternoon. Kemboi was a class five pupil at Embomir Primary School while Kilimo was in class three at Chesawch Primary School.

The attacks happened at the backdrop of ongoing cursing rituals conducted by elders from Marakwet, Baringo and Pokot to punish cattle rustlers unleashing terror in the region.

The children were at a green grams farm near the Kerio River when they were ambushed and attacked by the marauding rustlers. Luckily, others escaped unhurt.

According to Nandwa Chelanga a local, over 40 heavily armed raiders who were on a raiding mission crossed Kolowa brigde-the boundary between Pokot and Marakwet communities found the children at the farm and started shooting at them.

“Each of the deceased had over five bullets holes on their bodies, an indication that they were fired at close range. The bullets had pierced through their bodies,” Mr Nandwa told reporters.

He said that the situation is getting out of hand since the attacks have become more brazen and regular.

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