Finally the verdict is out, thousands of East Africans on social media have put the matter of Wills Raburu vs Marya Prude to rest; his move was smart, doesnt matter if it will last for few days, weeks or months, as long as he managed to squizz his head in…. that is enough, she is beautiful, rest of the details regarding tightness, is all too personal to know….

Manaseh says: Si you too have your 🐈 and 🐒? Give it out to whoever you want, whether in marriage or outside. But once the consequences descend, however costly they are, please have the courtesy to personally bear them the same way you enjoyed the indulgence of exchanging those body fluids. Willis Raburu has not assaulted anyone, which would be criminal. He has, however, trampled on the feelings of a woman he took a vow to stick with and which is actually none of our concern. That one should thin them, and we will be thinned by ours. The only thing he has done is to supply sticks as they come outside the institution of marriage. But as we say in Luo, ‘Gini mit kimiyo ng’ama gombe”, loosely translating to, “this thing is sweet when given to someone who is drooling for it”.

@untamedlord Willis Raburu DO NOT feel ashamed for cheating on your wife. As men, this primal urge is what keeps our species alive. Sadly, women would rather marginalize this fact by shaming you, instead of seeking to understand why. Don’t apologize for nature’s programming.

1 10 - Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu smart move approved, she is beautiful, worth to break Ruto’s over 20 years marriage

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