By P Mwangi
William Ruto: “Serikali yangu itaundwa na mama Mboga. Jamaa Wa Boda. Hustler Nation itapatia Mama Mboga, watchman, Jamaa Wa carwash na mkokoteni nafasi za uongozi…”

Then came Msambweni By-Election. In a Constituency with over 68,000 voters, William Ruto had settled on Miriam Sharlet but later dumped her and picked Feisal Abdallah Bader a millionaire businessman. With over 60,000 adults in the constituency mostly POOR, they are the REAL hustlers. They are the mkokoteni, carwash, Mama Mboga, Makanga and Shoeshinner guys

BUT Ruto ignored them, he can’t campaign for the poor, to him, the poor are just voting robots.
This Lady, Miriam Sharlet is the daughter of former Kwale Mayor. Her brother was eyeing Mutuga’ Parliamentary seat on a Wiper ticket.
Miriam is a dynasty. Miriam isn’t a hustler. She worked as Sonko’ PA between 2015-2017. She was also the head of protocol and executive to Mike Sonko from 2017- to the first quarter of 2019.

If Ruto believes and trusts the poor, he should front a mkokoteni, mama chapo, mama mboga,Jamaa Wa Boda Boda as his Msambweni candidate.
Tuwache siasa za ukora. He should walk his talks. He should stop behaving like a political conman.

Another career destroyed. Hustler Nation deconstructed. Poor deceived.

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