Homa-bay women representative Gladys Wanga while defending Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho from his Nandi counterpart Stephen Sang, has claimed that the youthful governor has a severe appetite for young girls, accusing him of being splashy with love messages.

Governor sang came to the limelight when he hit back at the Mombasa Governor over his recent remarks on the deputy president William Ruto’s presidential ambitions.

Sang warned Governor Joho, demanding that he respects the DP or else “they revive the Saitoti report on drug lords in Kenya.”

gladys vs sang - Control your hormones and appetite for young girls Hon. Wanga tells Gov. Sang
In a televised press briefing, the ODM MP Gladys Wanga in a scathing attack at the Nandi Governor claimed to gave screenshots of the governor’s chats with young girls.

“Governor Sang should concentrate on the girls he sends love messages to. We have seen the WhatsApp messages and we pity the people of Nandi for electing a young boy who can’t control his hormones,” claimed Gladys Wanga.

She was speaking at a press briefing in Nairobi on Wednesday.

Sang had earlier tackled Joho warning parents against letting their children associate with the ODM leader.

“Joho we want to tell you that, this country is suffering from many challenges and one of the worst challenges facing the country right now, is that we are losing an entire generation of young people into drugs.

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