Uhuru laughing - Crucial agenda Kenyans expect President Uhuru to addressThe State of the Nation Address is important for all Kenyans because it tells us what government’s Programme of Action is for the year ahead. The Programme of Action is government’s plans for the country and people of Kenya.

By being aware of what government is doing, everyone can become involved and also take part in government’s plans to build a better life for all.

President Uhuru Kenyatta will deliver the State of the Nation Address to a Sitting of the National Assembly on Thursday, 4 April 2019.

The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) vice chairman Hassan ole Naado said the public expects a concrete action plan on corruption.

“Since the war started, there has been too much talk but no tangible action. This is the time for action… Kenyans are tired of rhetoric they want to see action,” Mr Naado said.

Mr Ronald Sunguti, the coordinator lay apostle at the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru, said he expects President Kenyatta to show how he intends to slay the corruption dragon and recover stolen assets.

Rift Valley Council of Elders chairman Gilbert Kabage also thinks the President should address the tense relations between him and his deputy in recent weeks.

“I know the President has in the past steered clear of the 2022 debate despite the rising crescendo of anti-Ruto sentiments. But l want to call upon the Head of State to address and calm down the tension and infighting being witnessed. The Big Four Agenda cannot be achieved in this noise,” said Mr Kabage.


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