Interior CS Fred Matiangi - CS Matiang’i issues urgent notice to Kenyans without ID Cards

The Huduma Namba registration exercise will help the Government identify Kenyans who don’t have identification documents, Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i announced on Tuesday.

The CS, while in a radio interview on Iqra FM, stated that anyone who does not have an ID card or a birth certificate should go to any Huduma Namba registration center in the country.

“Before roll out of the Huduma Namba program, I held a meeting with elected representatives from North Eastern Kenya. They were worried that their constituents do not have IDs.

“I told them that if anyone has a birth certificate but no ID, and an ID but no birth certificate, they will still get registered,” Dr. Matiang’i explained.

According to the CS, the Government has put in place measures through the offices of County and Deputy County Commissioners, chiefs and their assistants, to ensure that any Kenyan without an ID card or birth certificate will finally get one.

“By the end of the 45-day registration period, any Kenyan who’ll have applied for the identifying documents will have them,” he promised.

The CS added that for those who will apply for documents after the 45 days elapse, they will still have a chance to apply since the bio-metric kits will be left in the care of assistant chiefs.

“We plan to continue with the registration since children will be born every day and the Government will require the parents to register the infants,”  he added.

The Huduma Namba is meant to consolidate Kenyans’ information and store it in a digital registry for quicker service delivery.

Considered tedious and bureaucratic by numerous Kenyans, he said that with a Huduma Namba, all applicants won’t be required to undergo any vetting or drag along their relatives to prove that they are Kenyans.

“When seeking Government services, there is a process that Kenyans have been subjected to. This is where they are told that their files cannot be traced or they are lost, sometimes people are told to come after a week. With a Huduma Namba, service delivery will be faster since an individual’s information will be digitized,” Matiang’i noted.

The registration exercise was rolled out on April 2, 2019 in Masii, Machakos County by President Uhuru Kenyatta and other leaders spread out in the country.

“This was meant to prove that you do not have to travel to your home county for registration,” divulged the CS.

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