Will Kenya ever win the war on corruption? Everyday that passes always presents itself with an opportunity for Rogue Government officials to Steal and Mint Public funds.

The Kenyan Public has lost Billions of Shillings to a few individuals who continue to grow fat bank accounts at the expense of the many Millions of Kenyans who continue to thrive in Poverty.

The Government through President Uhuru Kenyatta has time and again said that the war on corruption is serious and that any individual implicated in the vice should brace him/herself for total war.

This however seem to be just cheap talk and with the latest Mega Scandal running into 68 billion, Proposals have been made on how to deal with the faces behind it.

ANC boss Musalia Mudavadi has made a number of suggestions that have included resignation of Treasury CS Henry Rotich and his Water counterpart Simon Chelugui over the Sh68 billion construction of dams scam.
chelugui - CS Rotich and Chelugui should resign says ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi
According to Mudavadi, officials heading parastatals mentioned in the scandals should also quit for effective investigations.

“For a start, the Cabinet secretaries for Treasury and Water and the officers associated with this matter, including the CEO of Kerio Valley Development Authority, must go,” Musalia said in a statement yesterday.

Musalia said the two CSs’ continued stay in office will compromise prosecution and deny Kenyans justice. “If they don’t resign, President Uhuru Kenyatta must sack them, forthwith. It is pointless to investigate persons who are still in office.”

Mudavadi asked Uhuru to take the war against corruption seriously, saying graft has denied Kenyans basic services.

He said the dam projects were deliberately conceived to be phantom assignments to provide avenues for stealing.

“These people should not just be allowed to go home to enjoy their stolen wealth. They must be taken to court and ultimately to jail,” Musalia said.

He also wants the suspects’ assets frozen pending their recovery. “I reiterate my call that it is time to move from handshakes to handcuffs.”

Should Musalia Mudavadi’s Proposals be implemented?

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