GEORGE - Details:Prof Magoha attends math class in Machakos

On Tuesday, April 2, the new Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha made an impromptu visit to Kitooni SDA Primary School in Masii, Machakos County.

Magoha is claimed to have accompanied the president to Masii for the launch of the Huduma Namba but decided to take a detour to check on issues that relate to his Ministry.

In a video posted online, Magoha who was seated at the back of the class appeared to be attentive as the teacher who was not intimidated by the presence of the CS went on to teach her Math class.

The pupils also never seemed bothered by his presence as they concentrated on what their teacher had to tell them and even went ahead to raise their hands to answer questions.

After feeling satisfied by what he saw and heard in the class, Prof Magoha slowly stood up and after giving the teacher a hand of appreciation he exited the classroom.

This comes only a few days after he visited the Ministry’s headquarters unannounced during working hours only to be greeted by empty desks.

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