RUTO ITALY SPEAK - DP Ruto reveals he will be the next Prophet Owour after 2032

Well, I don’t really know what you think about Deputy President William Ruto but it seems the man has got his life all sorted out. In 2012, he entered a deal with Uhuru Kenyatta that he will succeed him in 2022.

And now seems that in fact Ruto has his life sorted out when he leaves State House after his second term ends in 2032, yes.

And you won’t imagine what he plans to do. The man from Sugoi has said he plans to be an Evangelist when he retires from politics.

“When am done with what am doing at the moment, I will go back to being an Evangelist that I was.”

Ruto was speaking at the Kasarani Gymnasium during the opening of the 2nd Refreshing The Shepherd Conference.

Now a majority of Kenyans believe Ruto is the most corrupt human being ever alive. This is backed up by several opinion polls. Some say he spends corrupt money on church harambees.

But what if this takes him to heaven? We know the man from Sugoi has the church close to his heart. Some thieves steal, but we don’t know where they take their money.

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