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During the handshake first anniversary, a TV station sought opinions from Kenyans, randomly in the streets. It was very easy to foretell each person’s view of the handshake, once they introduced their surname

If that experience was to be used to gauge the popularity of the handshake, it means the development, which simmering post election tensions, is very popular across the country, including the presidents backyard, save for the Kalenjin community

In the prevailing political environment, what a Kalenjin deems good, the Luos take it to be a contrary. Equally a sumptuous meal to a Luo, is toxic and very poisonous to a Kalenjin, at least going by their views on politics

Before Jubilee was created, I told many of my Kalenjin friends, in several political discourses, that if we are to employ history to predict the future, then it is least likely that the Kikuyu community will support their (Kalenjin) candidate, once Uhuru will be done with his tenure

I always went ahead to tell them that it is much easier and very possible for Ruto to be made president by the Luos, and or Luhyas, Kambas, Kisiis, Miji Kenda etc and not Kikuyu or their two colonies, Embus and Merus. Today some have tell me that I was so correct in my prediction

Strangely, the shephard the sheep had all along trusted, turned out to slaughter it for dinner, yet the animal spent its entire life running away from the wolf, while imagining this was her enemy. Even after being served the contempt card, the Rift still believes, the mountain may have a change of heart

This is called faith. In politics, it doesn’t work

That today, the opposition is in the government and part of the government is the official opposition, should only shock someone with the memory of a warthog. In 1963, when Kenya held her first elections, KANU, then considered a party of the Luos and Kikuyus, courtesy of Kenyatta and Jaramogi, made the government, when the Luhyas, Coastal tribes and the Kalenjin were in the opposition KADU, courtesy of Muliro, Ngala and Moi, respectively

In 1964 KADU dissolved to join KANU and by 1966, the Luos who thought they had stakes in the government, were struggling in the opposition, while Moi and the Kalenjins, etc, were inching closer to the heart of government

Eventually, it is them, a Kalenjin who succeed Kenyatta, when he died years later and not the Luo
1 35 - DP Ruto’s mistake was to trust Mt Kenya mafia, built no alternative base
History doesn’t repeat itself, but historical factors are known to bear striking similarities and the 1960s experience ought to have prepared Kenyans, and mostly the Rift, for such eventuality

It was a grave mistake for Ruto to bank all his eggs in one basket, and while at it, he went blowing up all bridges that would’ve turned out to be his exit route to safely, should matters so South in the battle field. He kept provoking and ridiculing other tribes creating a wide drift because he knew his path to power is well paved and carpeted

Uhuru’s moods has of late, been flactuating, and his anger as unpredictable as that of a lactating bitch, especially towards the interests of his deputy. He is by acts very hostile to what the deputy holds dear and hasn’t hesitated to praise and even award the DPP and DCIO, the two government officials singled out by his (DP’s) men, as sabotaging his bid

Had Ruto been calculative enough to create a reliable fall back position Uhuru would’ve treated him differently, knowing he has options. But that he solely relied on the mountain vote, Uhuru and the entire Central are likely to behave like a woman in a monogamous marriage, because the man of the house has no other place to empty his ever full magazine

Without the backing of mountain, Ruto’s performance in the presidential race will be as dismal as Raila’s in 1997, Nyachae’s in 2002, Kalonzo’s in 2007, Mudavadi’s in 2013 or any candidate who only bagged the votes of his community. Again without the backing of the Central Kenya elite, headed by Kenyatta, the number of votes he will garner from the mountain is as little as those Raila had from the Rift Valley after falling out with Ruto, because Kenyans are generally voting robots, who are directed how to vote by the real owners of the vote

Good morning my fellow hoof eaters!!

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