Economist and ex NASA head of strategy Dr David Ndii has caused a stir online after he hinted that Deputy President’s only fighting chance to win the presidency is by murdering his boss- Uhuru.

Dr Ndii was responding to a question by Mwaniki Gathu via twitter on what DP Ruto should do remain a float owing to Uhuru’s move to vanquish his allies from Jubilee Party Senate leadership positions and also the anticipated cabinet reshuffle, to which Dr Ndii answered “Murder his boss”
1 61 - “DP Ruto’s only chance to win is to murder Uhuru”, like Kenei, Yebei, Jacob Juma?- Dr Ndii says
The Great.@Mwaniki_Gathu: @DavidNdii what do you is the best thing Ruto should do to fight back and stay afloat?

The constitution provides that the Deputy President automatically takes over the Presidency in the event the President dies and serves for the remainder of the term.

Hundreds of Kenyans weighed in with others calling on Ruto to simply resign, take a break and trying roadside preaching/evangelism. Others drew comparisons from NAZI Germany and others threw in controversial murders of ICC witness Yebei, Jacob Juma, Police officer Kenei among others.

Other tweeps criticized and warned Dr Ndii that he was likely treading on treasonous grounds by imagining murder of the head of state.

Section 40 of the Penal Code states that any person who encompasses or imagines the death of a President is guilty of the offense of treason.

“Any person who, owing allegiance to the Republic, in Treason. 32 Cap. 63 Penal Code [2009] Kenya or elsewhere – (a) compasses, imagines, invents, devises or intends – (i) the death, maiming or wounding, or the imprisonment or restraint, of the President; or (ii) the deposing by unlawful means of the President from his position as President or from the style, honour and name of Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya; or (iii) the overthrow by unlawful means of the Government; and (b) expresses, utters or declares any such compassings, imaginations, inventions, devices or intentions by publishing any printing or writing or by any overt act or deed, is guilty of the offence of treason.” the penal code states in a controversial law that has not been used since its enactment under the regime of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

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