By Alberto Nyakundi Amenya aka The Banana Peddler

Now that Edward Gichana Ombwori has taken over at the helm of Nairobi County Assembly as the clerk, there is momentary reprieve for assembly employees because they’ll receive their salaries on time.

According to the few Nairobi MCAs I have spoken with, the greatest hindrance in the County Assembly was the outgoing clerk Mr Jacob Ngwele. They say Ngwele is dangerously corrupt. He intentionally delays salaries of assembly employees.

Screenshot 20200725 071229 Chrome 300x165 - Dr. ELACHI and GICHANA will make the Nairobi Assembly great again

When Ngwele was kicked out in 2019, he tightly held on to that position. He never wanted to let it go because it was his cash cow. Everyone accused him of being the woes that bedevils the assembly.

When in charge, Ngwele fought almost everyone at the assembly. We all remember how he fought the current Assembly speaker Madam Dr. Beatrice Elachi. He unavailingly tried to have her kicked out as speaker by bribing some MCAs but madam Elachi put up a brave fight.

But now, God has remembered them. He has sent a Moses to rescue them from the hands of Ngwele. The man they term as dangerously corrupt is out of their way. People will receive their salaries on time.  

Screenshot 20200725 071031 Chrome 300x171 - Dr. ELACHI and GICHANA will make the Nairobi Assembly great again

The incoming of the new clerk Mr Edward Gichana opens a new page in the assembly. The 140 assembly employees, 123 MCAs and over 300 ward office staff across the city are happy because they’ll receive their salaries on time.  

Despite being a man of impeccable character, Mr Gichana is known to be a no-nonsense professional. He is well read and intelligent and is equipped with a compendium of knowledge. Gichana possesses characteristics in common with great leaders who shaped the world positively.

Love him or hate him, he remains Gichana. It is only crooks who hate his Spartan discipline. Otherwise, the people who genuinely desire peace and progress for the County are saying “thank goodness! Gichana is here to rescue us.

Undoubtedly, Gichana’s mission to salvage the assembly is a déjà vu following widespread corruption, cluelessness, serious economic predicament and crisis of confidence at the assembly. With Dr. Elachi as speaker and Gichana as the clerk, sanity will be restored back.

Mr Gichana is a well-informed man. He has a tsunami of experience in his fingertips. His service at various organizations has tapered him into a firebrand that Nairobians cannot afford to ignore if they truly desire genuine change and economic progress. Together with Madam Dr Beatrice Elachi, the two are here to rescue the assembly by tackling corruption and revamping the economy of Nairobi.

Both Gichana an Elachi are tested and proven. They are reputed not to be skittish or indecisive about their responsibilities once it is incumbent upon them to act. The two act with the speed of light and are smart and quick to decide on the next course of action. We can only offer tem our prayers.

(The writer sellsbananas in the streets of Kisii town)

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