Angry Deputy President William Ruto has fired back at the Anglican Church of Kenya leader Archbishop Ole Sapit over his remark on corruption money finding its way to church for cleansing. The Archbishop said he will not allow God’s church to be used to clean dirty money from corrupt politicians.

In a tweet DP Ruto slapped the archbishop saying he only goes to Church to pray to God and not the church leaders.
“Since Sunday school we learned to kneel before and worship GOD that’s the ONLY reason we stand before men. We will continue to worship JEHOVAH with our hearts and substance. We are unashamed of our God & unapologetic of our faith. We are Christians first other title after.

1 45 - DRAMA: Angry DP Ruto slaps Anglican Archbishop Sapit over corruption money remark
The archbishop who was speaking at a media briefing at the Multi-sectoral Iniative Against Corruption said it was evil to clean proceeds of corruption by donating to charity. His statement was a direct hit on DP Ruto who insists that he will continue donating millions to Churches in Kenya

“Let us not allow harambee money to become a subtle way of sanitizing corrupt leaders,”-the bishop said.

At the same briefing, Anglican Church leader vowed to rally his clergy and people of goodwill to fight corruption.

He also took a swipe at leaders who were undermining institutions that are mandated to fight corruption.

“State institutions mandated to fight corruption are deliberately being undermined, discredited, neglected or underfunded to weaken them. As Kenyans and God’s children, we must say no to those undermining those institutions and putting blocks against the war on corruption.” Sapit added

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