atqpkhu2cvup9hy5c9a0a8acb1e0 - Driver facing 3 years after court finds him guilty of bribing officer

A harsh fate has been sealed by the court in the sentencing of a driver, Morris Logedi Shaban to three years in prison if he fails to pay Sh 600,000 fine after being found guilty of offering a bribe of Sh7,000 to a public Officer.

“Court has heard and appreciated the mitigation of Morris Logedi Shaban but he exhibited a mind of a corrupt individual even when he was warned,” said Magistrate Douglas Ogoti.

Ogoti added that Logedi went ahead and offered a bribe even when he was warned.

Morris Logedi Shaban had been charged with two counts of giving bribe against the law on December 10, 2016.

The court was informed that along Professor Wangari Maathai road in Parklands area, he offered a bribe of Sh7,000 to Rogers Akaki a public officer, employed by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

The amount was an inducement so as not to be tested for the level of alcohol in his body.He is said to have acted contrary to section 44(1) (2) of traffic Act CAP 403 laws of Kenya, a matter to which the said public body is concerned.

In mitigation, the accused said that he has a family and that he is the sole bread winner of his family.

The prosecution said that he does not have any previous criminal records.“I am remorseful of the circumstances under which the offence occurred and pray for a  lenient sentence,” said Logedi

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