Dear Equity Bank,


My name is Faith Wanjiku.

I am 73 years old.

As it is with most people my age, I live with high blood pressure, and therefore in need of a tremendous assistance with relatively mundane tasks.

I opened an account with Equity bank on the 31st day of May 2019.

A few days later, I sold the only thing I had, a piece of land. The sale gave me Shs. 2m.

My idea was to buy another land and build a simple house, to live in for the rest of my life.

You know with age, you realize the value and joy of simplicity
faud - Equity bank caught in another fraud, customer losses Ksh. 2 million irregularly
I got land and paid my first installment of Kshs. 1M a few days later and was to complete payment of the purchase price upon attainiing consent of the LCB.

Unfortunately, this was not to be.

On the 16th day of July 2019 the sum of Kshs. 970,216, was illegally siphoned from my account in 4 series of transactions using the Eazzy App platform by Equity in the following sequence.

(1). Ksh 300, 030. 00 to Vivian Jelagat Kips

( 2). Ksh 300, 030. 00 transfered to Anthony Babu Kaira

(3). Ksh 300, 030. 00 Kelvin Maina Mwaniki

(4). Ksh 70, 000.00 to various Equity numbers.

Now, I do not have a smart phone and I have never registered to use an App called Eazzy App.

I have never even sought service from such an App.

What is even more surprising is that I get notified of anything happening on my account, but on this one, I did not get any notification.

I have also never lost my ATM

When I reported the illegal withdrawal of funds from my account, I was promised quick investigations.

But even as investigations started your staff accused me of sharing my ATM PIN witha third party.

Eventually, your staff came up with a report, which they refused to share with me or give me a copy.

I was simply told that because my sister assisted me to withdraw money from an ATM – I compromised my PIN and could not be assisted further.

It is important to note that I am sick and my sister is my sole and trusted caretaker.

Anyway, I managed to ask your staff the following,

1. Is my sister a suspect? The answer was NO.

2. Did my sister open the Eazzy App ? The answer was NO.

Your staff also confirmed,

1. I have never opened an Eazzy App account.

2. The theft was not as a result of the pin or her sister assistance.

But your staff still concluded:-

That they would not give me back the money and therefore killing my dreams to build a simple home.

Now my project has stalled.

I am old and sick.

I am landless because I am in default of a land agreement.

All that because someone in your bank, a bank I trusted with my dreams and vision was careless or is intentionally stealing.

It is unfortunate that money was withdrawn through an APP I do not have on my phone and the bank cannot act in good faith.

I end this letter with a prayer for you to do what is right and help me live my remaining years, resting, sharing wisdom and happy. Not cold, angry and fighting.

Hata hio nguvu sina.

Your Loyal Customer,

Faith Wanjiku

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