The Zambian wife of beleaguered Cabinet Secretary is involved a secret love affair with a young Somali playboy known as Mohammed Abdi alias Were.

According to reliable sources who divulged the story, the wife whose first name is Pamela developed the relationship with Moha during Jubilee’s first term after they were introduced by a mutual friend who she worked with at an NGO.

The source further revealed the two lovebirds engaged in explicit sexting just months after being introduced before the CS’ wife started to shower her playboy lover with lots of money and plenty of expensive gifts.

Moha, as Pamela fondly refers to him, is an upcoming political broker and struggling tenderpreneur from Garissa who is presently doing all he can to support the 2022 campaign of Deputy President William Ruto dubbed Tanga Tanga.

Married with two children, Moha had the temerity to take Pamela to his South-B home and introduce her to his wife and children as a business associate.

The CS married Pamela in the 1990s when he worked as a senior baking executive for in Lusaka, Zambia and they have two grown up children.

The problem stems from Moha’s boastful talk to friends that he is involved in a lucrative extra-marital affair with the wife of a powerful CS.

According to friends she has confided in, Pamela blames CS for pushing her to commit adultery when he started having an affair with his PA known as Irene. Pamela also says the CS is too busy for her.

A smitten Mrs Pamela has fallen heads over heels for the young Moha who is a well known unscrupulous wheeler-dealer both in Nairobi and Garissa.

Not only did CS wife/Pamela acquire a brand-new Toyota VX (2018 modified) for Moha, she also helped facilitate a 5-year multi-entry visa to the United States for him using her connections in government of Kenya offices.

Pamela also facilitated the acquisition of a substantial shares for Moha at Beirut Hotel which is adjacent to Jamia Mosque in Nairobi’s CBD; a fact that the over-bragging Moha does not shy away from telling friends.

Sources further described Pamela arranges nocturnal meetings with Moha at high end hotels in the Gigiri neighborhood where she and the CS also share a residence. These meetings usually take place when CS is out of the country on official duty.

Oblivious to what his wife does behind his back, CS often receives gifts of designer suits and other exclusive men’s wear from the sweet-talking Moha who gets all his money from his own wife Pamela.

The two lovebirds have grown so fond of each other going by pictures and videos in our possession.

Verified records also show the most frequent outgoing calls from Pamela’s phone are made almost every hour to Moha’s two Safaricom lines; 07218686XX and 07168686XX.

The same numbers are recorded as routinely engaging in lusty exchange of WhatsApp messages and the fact they are cheating on both their spouses is now a matter of knowledge to close friends and hotel workers in the Gigiri area.

Moha is now said to be building a campaign war-chest as he prepares to run for the Dadaab parliamentary seat in 2022 general elections on DP Ruto’s political party, that many anticipate will be confirmed through the revival of the defunct United Republican Party.

The equation on the sordid extramarital affair will be complicated because of Moha’s leanings towards DP Ruto while CS Macharia is perceived as one of the more dependable CSs in Uhuru’s government. Currently the two leaders are not seeing eye to eye.

State House operatives were said to be shocked to learn that the money Moha uses genereously to advance Tanga Tanga in Garissa County actually originates from one of the state’s most heavily funded state dockets in the most embarrassing circumstances way through the infidelity of the wife of the Transport CS.

Recently when he visited Garissa, Moha took observers by surprise when he gave a hefty personal donation of Sh500,000 during DP Ruto’s fundraising event in Dadaab.

IMG 20190425 WA0000 576x1024 - EXPOSED: Cabinet Secretary Zambian wife in an alleged steamy love affair with Somali playboy

Mohammed Abdi alias Were with Deputy President William Ruto

Although not much is known about Moha, photos of him meeting with DP Ruto are strewn all over social media.

Sources from the Supplies Section at the Ministry intimate that two shadowy firms,Bern Construction and Medina Construction, both of which are regularly given lucrative contracts by the ministry boil down to powerful patronage by the CS Wife and that both companies are linked to Moha as CS wife fondly .

“Were is a known cartel at headquarters and no one care dare touch him despite his lack of prerequisite documentation”

The soft spoken CS has lately been under distressing pressure with demands for his sacking growing louder by the day.

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