The return of Nairobi Speaker Beatrice Elachi this week at the Nairobi City County Assembly has opened a can of worms on the integrity of some of the MCAs.

Top on the spotlight is Matopeni/Spring Valley Ward MCA Abdi Guyo who is said to have rigged his way to win the 2017 polls by a slim majority of just 100 votes against his main opponent Samuel Matheri. Hon Guyo only managed a paltry 3,852 votes out of 15,000 votes against Matheri an independent candidate who garnered 3,749.

However it has now been revealed that Matheri won with 3,952 votes, but Guyo managed to bribe IEBC officials to inflate his votes and deflate Matheri’s numbers.
graph - EXPOSED: How Hon Abdi Guyo rigged 2017 Matopeni/Spring Valley Ward election
Matheri how now threatened to spill the beans that Guyo has lost influence at the Nairobi City County Assembly.

A screen shot of the 2017 Matopeni/Spring Valley Ward election results

Guyo who has lost the influential post of Majority Leader in the Nairobi City County Assembly after majority of MCAs rejected his rogue and greedy leadership is now blaming his woes on Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Speaker Beatrice Elachi.

The rogue MCA who won the Matopeni/Spring Valley seat on Jubilee Party ticket is said to have rigged the 2017 polls using his sponsored Gaza gang which has been terrorizing Kayole residents. The gang allegedly unleashed chaos in

On Wednesday just after her comeback, Elachi accepted the removal of Guyo as the Majority Leader after Jubilee Party accepted the election of Hamza-Maringo Ward MCA Mark Ndung’u as the new Majority Leader.

Political observers say Mark “Tosha” is more influential than Guyo since he garnered 14,000 votes in Hamza-Maringo Ward. The new Majority Leader also enjoys close working relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta who is said to have ordered for the removal of Guyo from his post.

A picture of Mark Ndungu with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Governor Mike Sonko.

Elachi has stayed in the cold for 13 months after her impeachment but during her ouster Guyo ruled the Assembly with an iron fist leading to his clash with majority of MCAs who have accused him of high handedness and corruption.

Guyo is said to be approving all foreign trips by MCA including the names in all lists, the MCA is also accused of usurping powers by approving names of MCAs in crucial committees, a function which is reserved for party leaders.

Meanwhile the Jubilee Party has now summoned Nairobi Jubilee MCAs who instigated the Wednesday’s chaos during the return of Elachi as the Nairobi County Speaker. The Jubilee Party has written to EACC to take disciplinary action against rogue Nairobi MCAs who were behind the chaos that dogged the return of speaker Beatrice Elachi.

The party has also written to MCA Guyo to attend the meeting with a view of initiating disciplinary action against him for leading the destruction of property at City Hall.

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju on Thursday told the media that they have involved the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission since some of Wednesday’s actions border on criminal offenses.

“We have written to all the MCAs for a meeting on Wednesday next week invoking Section 40 of the Political Parties Act that requires us to deal with internal problems among our party members through internal dispute mechanism, but we are particulary interested in MCA Guyo who is said to have led the chaos” Tuju told the media.

Tuju said the party was contemplating involving the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti as some of the behaviours were criminal.

Chairs and tables were broken, flower vases fell and tear gas lobbed at City Hall as MCAs fought in support and against Elachi’s return as speaker.

“Nobody will impose you on us. You have been rejected before by Dagoretti North constituents and we rejected you and you are trying to get a back through the backdoor. We will eject from office using all means. We control Nairobi and nobody can do anything to us,” Guyo shouted to Elachi during the chaos.

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