Watu wachapwe! We demanded for TOTAL lockdown. We said it is better to have authoritarian regime like Rwanda or Uganda.

We admired pictures of police whipping those who defied curfew in India. We wondered why government doesn’t love us enough to lockdown the country.

Govt finally yielded and announced advance notice for curfew, this is a scaled down to lockdown. Then you refuse to observe curfew. What do you want govt to do? Give you ice cream?

Government orders by definition are enforced by FORCE. Check anywhere in the world, government directives, orders and demands are enforced by forced. The scale of force depends on defiance.

In curfew situation, some of your rights to complain are suspended. Methinks, after yesterday, today Kenyans will observe curfew 90%. Police should up the use of force such that by Sunday, we shall observe curfew 100%. From there, govt can now start countdown to 14days before end of curfew and resumption of normal life.

You asked for lockdown, you got curfew: observe the law and you will be safe from Coronavirus and rungu!

9D1689DB-4222-4719-8DB0-8B18FA66104AC71E2256 8A7C 4163 9119 B8A4DDC3BFAE 238x300 - Exposed: Why Police beat mercilessly poor Kenyans that violated ‘Coronavirus curfew’

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