Internal wrangles within Orange Democratic Movement party could degenerate into a possible fallout even as Raila Odinga focuses on revamping of the party.
Early this month, Odinga received a report from a Task Force Committee, which made a raft of recommendations over persistent crisis during party primaries and nominations.

In a letter dated April 29th, it has emerged, Chairman John Mbadi wrote a show cause letter to Deputy Treasurer Ogla Karani, who also seats in the powerful Central Committee.

While it’s not clear if Karani, a close ally of Odinga, responded, Mbadi demanded to know why she assumed a non existent party position when writing to IEBC over nomination debacles in Kajiado assembly.
odm mbadi letter - Finally ODM cartel Hon Ogla Karani to face disciplinary action

Mrs Karani, Senator Judith Pareno and NEB Secretary Robert Arunga were mentioned as some of saboteurs of reforms in the Task Force report.

And as such, Ong’wen, who took over the powerful position from Magarer Lang’at, resigned from a three-member committee that was appointed this month to study the recommendations of the report.

“Today, following consultations with the Party Leader H.E. Hon. Raila Odinga and the National Chairman Mr John Mbadi and considering the need for the implementation process to not only be credible but be seen to be so, the Executive Director of the Party Mr Oduor Ong’wen has opted out of the sub-committee,” ODM said in a statement,” Mr Ongw’en said.

Mrs Karani is also facing allegations of imposing her relatives to various nominations to county assemblies across the country on ODM

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