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As Kenya continues to grapple with unending graft scandals, officials of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) have been put on the spotlight thrusting them into an investigation over embezzlement of over Ksh135 million donated by world football body, Fifa.

According to sources, the money was meant for the purchase of an Outdoor Broadcasting (OB) van for the Kenya Premier League.

Through the van, FKF would have raked in millions through selling TV rights for airing local games, a move that would have saved ailing clubs.

According to the contract letter, the OB van was supposed to be delivered by the end of February, but officers at the helm kept giving excuses.

The delivery was pushed to the first week of March but is yet to be made a month later.

Stakeholders have already written to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji to trigger investigations and prosecution of the culprits.

In a bid to cover their traces, the Nick Mwendwa-led team said that the van was to be provided by Supersport. However, according to the letter written to the DPP, Supersport has denied involvement in the scandal.

Annually, the world football governing body, Fifa, finances member associations with approximately Sh125 million, a larger percentage (35) meant for infrastructure, 24% for youth football, 23% for men’s competitions, 11% for technical developments and a combined six for planning and administration costs.

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