Case 1
Lydia Mathia
There’s a cartel inside Equity that preys on old people. They took my Dad’s money and gave it back when I obtained critical evidence against them and threatened to sue. They still got him listed on CRB. Debbie Bubi we should really consider that class action. This bank iko shida. And they are not doing much to mitigate.

Case 2
Jack Bawa
In the month of February this year I got a text saying that I had paid for an E-citizen service via my National Bank Debit card in two Transactions of 25k and 22K and just like that 47k was siphoned from my account in a matter of minutes. I gave the bank a quick call and they locked the account if not more money would have been lost. Now thats where the drama started. I was of course promised quick investigations Infact I was told 2 weeks I will get my money money back. but NO. It has been cat and mouse games with the bank.Mara ohh we are waiting to hear from E-citizen, mara ohh we are waiting to hear from visa, mara ohh National Bank of Kenya is being bought by KCB Group. lastly they told me that they would not completely determine that am not the one who did the transaction so They would not refund even after having asked hard questions such as why was the debit CARD E-COMMERCE activated without my knowledge? is there not some secondary security feature for online transactions? DONT forget all this time the balance that was in the account when they locked it is still in there. As recently as last month, they have even refused to unlock my account so that I can access my bank balance after wafanye hio wizi yao. they are still playing games with with the excuse of KCB Group BUY OUT of National Bank of Kenya. Is there really a safe Bank in Kenya? Whom do u turn to for help when these guys have refused to even give access to my accoun

Case 3
Joyce Wambui Mwangi
My easy banking was not working, i decided to go for help at tom mboya branch where a customer service guy tried helping but the app didn’t work. Same day i got messages at night of four withdrawals, sijui online purchases. I immediately reported and they blocked my atm. They refunded the money after about 3 weeks but claimed i must have exposed my card out of the country coz i was using it in India. But i still wonder why did it happen the same day i had gone for help at the bank. Must be an inside job

Case 4
Mutugi M’Njue
Equity is infested with robbers!
I know of some young boys who speak openly of how they used to withdraw 10 bob from every customer’s account every week.
They became millionaires after doing this for about a year and quit working for the bank. Now they’re big time investors.
Hii bank ni kichinjio!

Case 5
Edith Sheila

My mum also lost an entire months salo. They said she used her Atm card at a PDQ machine at TRM and that’s how the thieves who had planted the chip on the machine got her details. Since then, my balance with equity bank has been maintained at ksh.200 and my account has fallen domant. I have an equitel line and those fraudsters have called me several times but Mimi huwashow “Tafuta mjinga udanganye” Wakitaka waibe hiyo 200 bob!!
Saving with Equity is a No No!!
I feel for the old lady. She should continue putting pressure on the bank. They did refund my mum (less 3k I don’t know why) after pushing for 3 months.

Case 6
Wambua Justus
This is not the first case am hearing from equity bank. My friend lost almost 1m through dubious means. I have followed all these particular cases and am convinced that staff do this things. I changed my bank immediately i started noticing this. I still hold the account and do little transactions but dont save money there

Case 7
Kibiwott K Koross
I lost 45,000 in 2015. The best equity could do was to take me in circles. I even shared with James Mwangi on the same but nothing came forth.Pole hata mnaibia shosho

Case 8
Pablito Muchemi
I once logged in my Eazy Bank App and found that my Balance was 164,000. The real balance was surely less than 2k. I could have transferred to Mpesa at the expense of an unfortunate Wanjiku. But didnt for I know this would be theft and I am properly raised. Equity Bank is run by clueless guys who do not even understand its products than customers. I remember educating one of the staff (a mzungu or pointee in one of the Eldoret bank) about Equity-paypal. If you have simple issues with the bank, you might have to go to the headquarters for it to be resolved😑

Case 9
Jimnah Kuria
I had a similar case where someone used my ATM details to purchase goods online…I contacted customer care immediately and they blocked my card.It was on a Sunday evening and they advised me to report to the nearest branch on Monday …My issue was handled well by the manager,some investigations were done and in 3 weeks time my money was refunded.You are however cautioned against exposing your ATM especially 3 digits at the back to the Agents…

Case 10

Dear Equity Bank,


My name is Faith Wanjiku.

I am 73 years old.

As it is with most people my age, I live with high blood pressure, and therefore in need of a tremendous assistance with relatively mundane tasks.

I opened an account with Equity bank on the 31st day of May 2019.

faud - Fraudulent dealings at Equity bank exposed, sad testimonies, millions lost!
A few days later, I sold the only thing I had, a piece of land. The sale gave me Shs. 2m.

My idea was to buy another land and build a simple house, to live in for the rest of my life.

You know with age, you realize the value and joy of simplicity

I got land and paid my first installment of Kshs. 1M a few days later and was to complete payment of the purchase price upon attainiing consent of the LCB.

Unfortunately, this was not to be.

On the 16th day of July 2019 the sum of Kshs. 970,216, was illegally siphoned from my account in 4 series of transactions using the Eazzy App platform by Equity in the following sequence.

(1). Ksh 300, 030. 00 to Vivian Jelagat Kips

( 2). Ksh 300, 030. 00 transfered to Anthony Babu Kaira

(3). Ksh 300, 030. 00 Kelvin Maina Mwaniki

(4). Ksh 70, 000.00 to various Equity numbers.

Now, I do not have a smart phone and I have never registered to use an App called Eazzy App.

I have never even sought service from such an App.

What is even more surprising is that I get notified of anything happening on my account, but on this one, I did not get any notification.

I have also never lost my ATM

When I reported the illegal withdrawal of funds from my account, I was promised quick investigations.

But even as investigations started your staff accused me of sharing my ATM PIN witha third party.

Eventually, your staff came up with a report, which they refused to share with me or give me a copy.

I was simply told that because my sister assisted me to withdraw money from an ATM – I compromised my PIN and could not be assisted further.

It is important to note that I am sick and my sister is my sole and trusted caretaker.

Anyway, I managed to ask your staff the following,

1. Is my sister a suspect? The answer was NO.

2. Did my sister open the Eazzy App ? The answer was NO.

Your staff also confirmed,

1. I have never opened an Eazzy App account.

2. The theft was not as a result of the pin or her sister assistance.

But your staff still concluded:-

That they would not give me back the money and therefore killing my dreams to build a simple home.

Now my project has stalled.

I am old and sick.

I am landless because I am in default of a land agreement.

All that because someone in your bank, a bank I trusted with my dreams and vision was careless or is intentionally stealing.

It is unfortunate that money was withdrawn through an APP I do not have on my phone and the bank cannot act in good faith.

I end this letter with a prayer for you to do what is right and help me live my remaining years, resting, sharing wisdom and happy. Not cold, angry and fighting.

Hata hio nguvu sina.

Your Loyal Customer,

Faith Wanjiku

Case 11
Ole Nyaga

I paid a bill of fuel of 8k at a station in juja via easypay and on realizing I paid the wrong account I called the equity costumer care to cancel the transaction which she did and assured the money will be in my account in 24 hrs. So I paid the bill via mpesa. 3days no money up to 3wks, on several occasions when I called I was being assured that by the end of that particular day I would get the money. I became furious to the costumer care now and demanded more info as for my account appeared reverse transaction of the payment cancelled then a immediate withdraw, I was now told that they reversed the money and wired it to account I was to pay. With who’s authority? No answer. Which petrol station would agree a stranger customer to fuel 8k and give excuses of kind and be allowed to leave without payment. I made a trip to the said station in juja armed with mpesa sms, receipt and a bank statement ready to fuel the 8k the bank had paid them on my behalf. On getting there I found the guy who served me that particular day, luckily he could remember the transaction cause I explained to him that day, he took me to the manager who was shocked that a bank can lie to their costumer that they deposited the money to the station acc. The station manager called the equity bank branch for explanation that how I got my money. Pole Sana CUCU it is an inside job

Case 12
Walter Wariith
i Know of a trader who withdrew some 150k from an Equity branch somewhere in Kiambu to buy shop implements in Nairobi, the matatu he was in was carjacked near Kentmere Motel and all that the robbers asked for was 150k from the trader, no other passenger was robbed. Till today the fella swears it’s the teller who served that organised the robbery

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