tmdmjybcxu4snenyv1j5ca36c9f1a520 - Governor Lenolkulal’s cash bail reduced from Ksh100 million to Ksh10 million

The court’s decision to grant Samburu Governor Moses Kasaine Lenolkulal Sh100 million bail with an alternative bond of Sh150 million after he denied Sh84 million graft charges has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans.

Following the uproar, the High Court on Wednesday reduced Samburu County Governor Moses Lenolkulal’s cash bail from the previously set amount of Ksh.100 million to Ksh.10 million.

Justice Mumbi Ngugi further slashed Governor Lenolkulal’s bond from Ksh.150 million to Ksh.30 million with a surety of a similar amount.

According to Justice Ngugi, the previous bail/bond terms imposed by Anti-Corruption Court Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti on Tuesday were excessive and could amount to the denial of bail.

“It has not been demonstrated that he is a flight risk, and I note that the Prosecution did not oppose his application for bail,” read the ruling.

Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal has sought a review of the Sh100 million bail terms given a day after denying graft charges.

Lenolkulal was on Tuesday charged with four counts of abuse of office and conflict of interest leading to the loss of Sh84.6 million public funds.

“The accused is greatly aggrieved by the said terms which are completely outrageous and unprecedented,” his lawyer Paul Nyamodi told the court on Wednesday.


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