Sonko exposes hired bloggers as he plans for legal action against them

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has yet again exposed a group of hired bloggers who are tarnishing the reputation of political leaders.

In a leaked phone conversation, Sonko has exposed the bloggers led by one Jackson Njeru and Mildred Atty Owiso who maliciously accused Sonko of abetting corruption at City Hall.

The Governor has now threatened to take legal action against the bloggers if they fail to report their corruption allegations against Sonko before the DCI or EACC. The two bloggers posted corruption allegations against Sonko in a Facebook group called Buyer Beware.

In the leaked audio, the flamboyant Jubilee Governor is overheard demanding that the bloggers report their allegations before the DCI or they face defamation suit. Sonko also admitted to the bloggers that he’s fond of exposing corrupt people but supported with evidence contrary to them.

Mildred later attempted to reach Sonko to apologize over her malicious posts through a friend called Ruth, but Sonko told her off saying he will take legal action against them. Mildred later deleted her posts although she failed to report her claims before the DCI. However, Jackson Njeru has now reportedly gone into hiding after his malicious posts against Sonko in the Buyer Beware FB group which he’s the sole administrator.

Jackson Njeru is a little known blogger, but he’s still full of controversy because of his scandalous lifestyle. The blogger was previously jailed for 6 months after he conned famous City Lawyer Cecil Miller. The lawyer has reportedly forgiven him after the blogger served the 6-month jail term.
1 40 - Governor Sonko strikes again, exposes Jackson Njeru and Mildred Owiso badly, to take legal action
Here are the leaked phone conversation and screenshots between Sonko and the bloggers.



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