By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

Baba is wearing a communist-type suit. The kind of suit that if you wear and walk down the streets, those who know just look at you, smile then bow in respect and honor.
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That suit can earn you an easy entry to Buckingham palace to greet the queen easily without appointment. It can earn you an easy entry in Whitehouse without appointment. Oh that suit is not cheap. They are less than 50 in Nairobi and Baba has 38 of them. The rest are thought to be a fake version of this one of Baba. But that’s not all; this suit is so powerful that it can attract a slay queen 1000kms away to where you are. If for example Baba wears it in Kenya, a slay queen in London will smell it from there and dash to Nairobi to search for Baba. I thank God that Baba is guarded by hawk-eyed anti-terror officers to keep such wayward at bay. Omagad! Then the shoes yawa…the shoes…the shoooooeeeeees! The cost of those shoes can rent 2000 bedsitters in Ongwaro. In fact that shoes can survive hellfire. It can survive a volcano and still survive a bomb attack. This is why he is AGWAMBO… Alot kibuli… Baba pod pek apeka chuthooo!

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