From Polycarp of Sauti Sol who recently married his Burundian chic, to his band-mate Bien Aime who has some Nigerian chic with a British accent, to Daddy Marto of “Sue na Johnny” who married his Ugandan chic, to now rapper Bamboo, there is a new wave.

Kenyan dudes are saying no to extortion and media-induced delusions which Kenyan chics have acquired.

Previously viewed as taboo, Kenyan men are making the bold move to cross our borders and finding love in many parts of the world.
poly - Hilarious, Why Kenyan Men Break Barriers & Marry Foreigners In Droves
I think ni venye madame hawa wetu wamedinywa sana na ma-sponyo, who’ve then tainted their minds with “standards” which we view as exploitative.

When dame wa huku anajisemesha ati “don’t settle for less” or “know your worth” , she’s basically telling you that hadinywi na msee amesota. Na kwa hii Serikali, nikama it’s only wazee’s making money. Meaning that they’re the only ones wenye wanadinya hawa madame.

Halafu wakienda kudinywa na ma-sponyo, wanaambiwa vile sisi Vijana hatuna focus, hatuna pesa, etc. Wanaharibiwa vichwa na kuchochwa.

So tunaambia hawa ma-sponyo tumewaachia madame wa Kenya wawakule. Sisi tutaenda nje ya nchi kutafuta vitu poa. Madame wametii. Sio hawa wa kujifanya wokovu Sunday pale Mavuno ama JCC na weekday wanadinywa na sponyo.

Sponsors, tumewaachia madame wa Kenya. No need to keep spoiling our names anymore. Ni wenu sasa. Make sure you also marry them as your second wives. Kazi sio kuwadinya tu.

Roundi hii ni kuvuka border wasee. Msiogope tena.
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