embakasi east mp babu owino - Hon Babu Owino now wants corrupt officials to be hanged by the balls

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has reiterated his commitment to fight corruption.

The vocal Member of parliament says that he will never support corruption and his call is that corrupt individuals should be hanged by the balls.

Babu Owino added that the corrupt people are the killers of the future for this generation and therefore they do not deserve to go unpunished.

The MP gave these remarks following his statement in regard to the Samburu Governor who had yesterday been arrested over graft.

Babu Owino slammed the Judiciary stating that the bail terms given were not reasonable.

“In case one is granted bail terms then it must be reasonable.” he said in his post.

Babu Owino also said that he was a victim of several arbitrary arrests and he knows what it means to be denied bail.

He urged the Judiciary to work towards shooting to kill the corrupt instead of giving them bail terms which are unreasonable.

The MP also expressed his frustration saying that the Judiciary has not jailed anyone so far and according to him it’s all show biz and hoodwinking Kenyans to believe that the nation is fighting corruption.

Babu Owino also called upon the DPP to focus on preparing water-tight cases instead of pursuing newspaper headlines and for the Chief Justice to rein in the judiciary’s excesses in the spirit of respect for Kenya’s constitution.


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