Kiambu Governor William Kabogo - Hon Kabogo goes outrageous over Jubilee’s ‘theatre of games’ in graft war

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has come hard on the Jubilee government tearing them apart in a morning show on Citizen TV in their war against graft.

He diminished all their efforts as games saying there is no serious fight that has been put by the Jubilee government.

“We cannot be in a theatre of games; people want to treat us to a show that there is a fight against corruption, there is no fight!” Mr. Kabogo asserted.

“How much time do you require to check where money has been taken. Money leaves government account to an individuals account, from there to his wife or his bodyguard or to this guy who flies to Kayole, the NHIF guy,” he asserted.

The latter was in reference to Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha,  the face of the NHIF scandal, with his vast estate among items targeted by the Asset Recovery Agency, which confiscates properties accumulated through proceeds of crime.

The former Kiambu boss went on to accuse the Jubilee government of running a hoodwinking campaign, stating that they had zero plan for the country’s future.

“Jubilee is a busybody; they want to take the country all over. They are washing their dirty linen in public and they have nothing else to offer Kenyans” he divulged.

Mr. Kabogo also questioned the Director of Criminal Investigations boss (DCI) George Kinoti’s seriousness in the fight against corruption.

“Where are the big fish he kept on mentioning?” Mr. Kabogo questioned.

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