Nairobi based gospel evangelist, Jacinta Nzilan, On Friday morning made a shocking revelation by revealing she is a lesbian.

1 50 - “I am lesbian” Nairobi Evangelist shocks Court

Gospel evangelist, Jacinta Nzilan

gospel evangelist, Jacinta Nzilan

During the Gay Court ruling at the Milimani law courts which was postponed till May, the 51-year old came out to reveal she became a lesbian after her husband died.

Jacinta said she was ‘forced’ to do this after mistreatment from her in-laws.

“I am a widow. I lived with my husband for more than 25 years and the he died. I was treated badly by my in-laws and because of the experience, I decided to live with other women and I am lesbian,” said Nzilan.

According to her Jesus will come for members of the LGBTQ community just like other people who have committed different other sins.

“I am standing with the LGBTQ as a woman of God. The bible is not against gay sex it is only that people understand it differently. The bible doesn’t condemn or judge just like Jesus never judged,” she argued.

In addition, her church, which was located in the CBD, no longer operates and says this forced her to join lesbians in their church.
On Monday at Milimani Law Courts the Gays and Lesbians sex ruling adjourned to May .Justice Chacha Mwita apologized on behalf of the Court citing challenges getting other judges together to write ruling since they sit in other benches.


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