THE 2022 will be the year to start the extermination of Gûkûyû business community. It will be the time to pick from where Moi left it and drive the last nail in their coffin. The Gûkûyû dominance in everything is over. And if anyone thinks that a bill board will be erected anywhere reading, “No Kikuyus in this town” or “No jobs for Mt Kenyans” you are one of my 70% naive population.

Extermination will be slow, quiet and painful. If you a Mt Kenya product and have teenage children, or if you are a Kikuyu youth, get something else for them or yourself to do because employment in Government will be out of question and doing any business will be a nightmare. And it doesn’t matter how you will have voted by the way.

1 73 - If Ruto wins in 2022, Gûkûyû business community will be exterminated- Hon Wahome Thuku

THE County Government of Narok has closed down Hass Petro Station in the town over wrangles between giant transport company Narok Line Services and small Natok Star Shuttle Sacco.
And it’s not just closing down, it’s a thuggish operation on pouring stones at the entrance to the Petro station where Narok Line is accommodated. This is not even a Government operation, it’s a movement of thugs.

It was done at 2am to avoid the public shame. Couldn’t even wait for decision of the court. The message is to instill fear to any other station that may decide to work with Narok Line, which is branded a Kikuyu company.

Narok Governor who is in his last term is a very close political ally of William Ruto. There I even a small talk about some joint gold business by the two but I will not go there since I don’t know much. Under William Ruto administration, Tunai would most likely be CS Transport. Or even interior CS. Some things I will say them today, so that when tomorrow comes I will only remind my brothers and sisters that I told you all this

Narok Line with close to 300 vehicles playing Nairobi-Narok-Kisii-Bomet is however the most popular in Narok community regardless of tribes. They have been trying to secure their own terminus to free themselves from the control of the chairman of Narok Star a Sacco with less than 20 vehicles.

The the two are separate entities and Narok Line controls the route due to it’s popularity. Narok Star chairman a Mr Robert Taga uses the county influence to ensure that Narok Line is under his control and that he gets 500bob per vehicle per trip. Money talks.
In Nairobi the two companies operate independently, each with its terminus and office and staff. But in Narok, the Governor Tunai has sworn that Narok Line will never get it’s own terminus in town and will be under Narok Star, one of his cash cows.

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