Young journalist Milton Were is reportedly missing since Tuesday 16th March 2020, nobody knows his whereabouts after he sounded an alarm following threats on his life by Kiambu Woman Rep Hon Gathoni Wamuchomba.

On Tuesday, the budding journalist released an audio recording in which the Hon Wamuchomba was clear on what was to happen to him if he ever dared pen a fake story about her. Milton was advised to go record a statement with DCI. A close friend said Milton was set to record a Statement over threats on his life on Wednesday morning but he is said to have gone missing.


Meanwhile Milton denied ever writing any story touching on Hon Wamuchomba, he also said the online rag where the offending story was published does not belong to him nor does he publish his stories on it.

As of now , nobody knows the whereabouts of Milton and we are not saying that Hon Ms Wamuchomba is responsible.
1 38 - Journalist Milton Were is missing, had been threatened by Hon Gathoni Wamuchomba

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