Jubilee party youth wing has officially declared their support for ODM’s Candidate Imran Okoth in the upcoming Kibra parliamentary race.
The youth leadership revealed that they decided to support Imran Okoth in the spirit of handshake between president Uhuru and former Prime minister Raila Odinga.
Here is the press statement ;
jubilee - Jubilee party youth wing declares support for ODM’s Imran Okoth

jubilee press - Jubilee party youth wing declares support for ODM’s Imran Okoth

Rebel movement

Jubilee MPs Fatuma Gedi, Maina Kamanda, Beatrice Elachi and Rachael Shebesh also opposed the nomination of McDonald Mariga as a Jubilee candidate for Kibra by-election.

Speaking to Citizen TV on Wednesday, September 25, the MP said she will not support Mariga despite having been endorsed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto because her conscience does not allow her. “We really made a wrong choice as a party by settling on Mariga who has no track record despite having a successful football career and earning millions of shillings. He has no single project in Kibra under his name,” said Gedi

The women rep further faulted the nomination process saying it was unfair and designed to favour the footballer over other aspirants who were better placed to lead the constituency. “As Jubilee leaders, what we wanted was a free and fair nomination process the same way ODM did but people were taken in a board room and questions asked then settled on Mariga.

We really made a bad choice,” she added Gedi has joined a section of other Jubilee leaders who have equally opposed the footballer’s candidature on grounds that he was unfairly nominated, has no development record and has a questionable birth certificate.

The footballer has also been accused of taking little interest in the country’s leadership and politics and only registered as a voter after the Kibra seat was declared vacant.

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