Residents of Juja are complaining about the sorry state of the roads in their ward.

According to the residents, the area Member of County Assembly (MCA) Kaplesh Jayantila popularly ‘Muhindi wa Juja’ is yet to fulfill the promises he had made on improving the feeder roads.
Kaplesh Jayantila was seen as a close ally to the deputy president William Ruto.

According to photos doing rounds on social media paints a very bad state of the road that leads to the town. The MCA who owns several companies around the area only fills the potholes to prevent his lorries from being stuck. He also owns several godowns stretching to as long as 3km.

However, the MCA uses soil from machine cut quarries, which the resident say causes a lot of dust that is choking .
Kaplesh Jayantila - Juja residents blame Ruto ally for shoddy work, feels disappointed
The residents also said that the area lacked piped water and they were forced to get water from Jayantila’s boreholes.

The residents feel that their MCA is not genuine about the needs of his electorates, and that he is using the position to protect his personal interest.

The residents are now in support of Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria’s sentiments that the area had been neglected and have asked the government to work on the road and water situation in Juja.

The MCAs strategy for campaign was based on him improving the feeder roads in the area, which he has not, according to the residents.

Jayantila said he had done a lot to improve Juja including graveling feeder roads in the wards even before he thought of joining the race.

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