A vaccine with the potential to stop HIV infecting cells is set to be launched in Kenya with the clinical human trials starting in July 2019.

According to an announcement made by a group of scientists on Friday, June 14, the recruitment for the promising trial would begin in the next three weeks.

HIV test kit. The new vaccine will apply a ‘block approach’ in stopping HIV from attaching itself onto cells.

The new vaccine will apply a ‘block approach’ in stopping HIV from attaching itself onto cells, specifically the CD4 cells, often called T-cells which forms part of the immune system.

The clinical trial has been codenamed IAVI W001 trial.664gp140. W001 and will test a vaccine candidate dubbed BG505 SOSIP — a molecule cloned to look exactly as the HIV one.

The director of Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI), Omu Anzala, said the trials will be tested on HIV-negative Kenyan volunteers to check for safety and efficacy, Daily Nation reported.

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