ogoti - Kidero case prejudice mission cut short by magistrate

The High Court has dismissed former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero’s application following a Ksh213 Million corruption case.

In a ruling on Monday, Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti said the charges against Dr Kidero met the threshold required by law.He said no evidence was placed before him to convince him to interfere with the charges.

In the application, Kidero had requested to be charged separately from the other 10 accused persons.

However the prosecution argued that Kidero had not demonstrated reasons why he should face trial separately from the other ten accused persons.

State Prosecutor Jenifer Kaniu stated: “The prosecution will be prejudiced by having to call same witnesses for different trials and the facts of this case are of similar character.”

Dr Kidero and former members of his administration have been charged with conspiracy to commit an offence of corruption leading to the loss of Sh213 million.

Through lawyer James Orengo, Dr Kidero said the charges as framed relates to an offense that does not exist in law.

He is charged alongside former Nairobi county secretary Lillian Ndegwa, former chief finance officer Jimmy Mutuku Kiamba among others.

Other charges include abuse of office and fraudulent acquisition of public property.

The trial will start on May 6.


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