By Alberto Nyakundi Amenya Banana Peddler

A lot has been said about about members of the Gusii community. Despite being one of the most gifted community, some say Kisiis are the most jealous humans on earth because they don’t support one another.
F0228FA5 514C 460F B510 80C7274361EF - KISIIS ON TRIAL: tough test for them today at The Kenya National Theatre, will they show up?
Kisiis are everywhere from Churchill Show, to Ramogi night and Mulembe night, they are the they are punctual attendees. They are also key players and contributors in our political circles. From ODM Reloaded to NOBODY CAN STOP REGGAE, they are simply the mainstay of these events.

Now, people say the problem of Kisiis is when it comes to supporting their own. When it comes to supporting one of their own hustler, they usually back off.

Likewise, there are those who say that Kisiis are the most united and supportive community. That remains to be proved later tonight.

Today is Gusii Night Gala/ Gusii comedy night at the Kenya  National Theatre and it remains to be seen whether members of the community withing Nairobi will flock in large numbers to support their own.

It is incumbent upon Kisiis to prove naysayers otherwise by stepping out to support the Kisii comedy teams of Ndizi Tv, Moraa, Kemunto bw’Osoro, Nyaboke wa Fikita, Mkisii ni Mkisii among others the event starts at 6pm till dawn.

By the way, THE BANANA PEDDLER and Senior journalist SILAS NYANCHWANI will also be in attendance.

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