The brave new bar is a scandal
According to revelations spilling from a Twitter altercation with his ex partner, Njeri Thorne, Havi has a kid with Saddam Hussein’s sister
This may not be a transgression against any law, but isn’t it being too ambitious, like nanii?

The man is a womanizer who takes to bed, anything in a skirt. He pays university students 5k and lawyers 50k for horizontal favours
He screwed one lawyer, till she quit her law career to seek refuge in a convent as a nun (someone lied to me that the ATMs are checked, if they’ve ever swallowed any snake before admission as a nun)

He also kidnapped a judge he had bribed, after ruling the other way
She (Njeri) also claims she is the one who taught Havi how to use a chopstick. This is very serious, although I do not know what a chopstick is, or what they are used for
He is paranoid and schizophrenic. He wears a bullet proof even during crucial business meetings done horizontally

The washing of the dirty linen in the market continues. With all these allegations Havi is now qualified to be the next governor for Kakamega

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