Residents of Chepkoilel Junction which is about 4 kilometres from the University of Eldoret on Saturday night witnessed a dramatic scene after a lady cantankerously beat up a drunkard man for allegedly failing to pay for ‘services offered’.

prostitute - Man who refused paying an Eldoret prostitute after work beaten like “Burukenge”

According to the unidentified lady, the man owed her Sh2,000 for the sexual pleasure and she had also bought him a drink that he was to pay back.

However, the man adamantly refused to ‘give Caesar what belongs to Caesar”. This landed him on the wrath of the lady who did not hesitate to use force to get her money.​

“Huyu mwanume ako na pesa na hataki kunipea. Sitaki kumwibia juu ni mlevi. Ni beshte yangu tunajuana lakini si mtu nishaienda kwake. Tumejuana for two days (This man has money but he does not want to pay me. I do not want to steal from him because he is drunk. He is my friend but I have never gone to his place. We have known each other for two days),” said the lady.

Luckily for the man, his brother came for his rescue something that intensified the fight as bodaboda riders also got involved and the lady had it rough.

Sadly, she was abused and beaten for selling what she was ‘given for free by God’, as most of the riders quoted it.

The lady had to leave without being paid after the drunkard man and his brother vanished in the crowd.

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