embakasi east mp babu owino - MP Babu Owino highlights key issues he would address if he was Kenya’s PresidentEmbakasi East MP Babu Owino has today revealed what he would do if he was the President of Kenya.

The MP gave these remarks ahead of President Kenyatta’s state of the nation address.

The head of state is today fulfilling his constitutional mandate of addressing a joint session of Parliament on the State of the Nation.

This tradition has been in existence since independence and is viewed as an opportunity for the President to bring the country up to speed on his latest plans.

If Babu Owino was a President and was making the state of the nation address, these would be his priority areas as indicated in his statement.


H. E the President formally declared war on corruption is his state of the nation address three years ago. However, since then Kenyans have not seen a single conviction related to corruption. There is increasing frustration among Kenyans that we are being treated to more of public relations than meaningful action. If I were President, I would use the occasion today to dismiss all members of my cabinet associated with corruption. I would not wait for the courts to do what I can do myself.


Everywhere I go in Kenya, I meet young people seeking employment opportunities. A lot of our youth are jobless and unable to care for their families. The issue of youth unemployment has reached national disaster proportions and needs to be faced as such.

Kenyans are worried that even the few basic jobs that could have been done by our youth have been conceded to foreigners who insist on using their own people for government contracts awarded to them.

The time has come to embrace our own. The time has come to restrict the proportion of opportunities given to foreigners. If I were President, I would use today to announce the restriction of 90% of government contracts for local suppliers and contractors to ensure Kenyan youth benefit most from the Kenyan government.


The one thing President Kibaki is remembered for is bringing free education to families that could not afford to send their children to school.

H. E Kenyatta has the opportunity of being remembered as the President who brought universal healthcare to Kenyans.

If I were President, this would be the one item I prioritize in my budget and plans; to ensure all Kenyans are

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