After all their tricks to fight Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his soldiers failed, desperate Tangatanga movement has elected to misuse Kisii young artistes in defaming ODM governors.

Recently, a sponsored upcoming artiste released defamatory a song against the governor of Kisii H.E. Governor James Ongwae.

In his song, Smallz Lethal, the Kisii based upcoming rapper purportedly discredited the governor’s performance since he took over at the helm of Kisii affairs.

It has been revealed that the entire project was sponsored from scratch by team Tangatanga led by South Mugirango Member of National Assembly hon Silvanus Osoro, (pictured below) who also doubles as Ruto’s right attack dog in Gusiiland.

FB IMG 1588142896590 300x300 - “MP SILVANUS OSORO paid me Sh155K to defame governor ONGWAE” – Kisii Rapper SMALLZ LETHAL reveals


According to our snoop, Hon Osoro met the artist at Magharibi Hotel in Kisii during Easter and gave him the proposal. He handed him the script and asked him to go and rehearse it with his boys.

The MP paid the artist Sh100K upfront and promised to pay the balance once the job is done. He assured the artiste of his security and legal matters. He told the artiste whoever wants to know or question about anything, they should talk to his manager who in this case is hon Osoro.

Mtu yeyote akikuuliza swali, mpatie number yangu na umwambie ongea na manager wangu. I’ll take care of the rest. Hii County ya Kisii lazima tuichukue kutoka kwa huyo mganga Raila. Kisii ni ya Ruto

After the artiste released the song, it was shared by a few individuals who did not suspect foul play.

When the artiste was summoned by DCI Kisii for questioning, he did as hon Osoro instructed him. He gave the police Osoro’s number and told them to talk to his manager. When the police called ‘his manager’ Osoro was the recipient so said he couples as the artiste’s lawyer.

The police questioned the artiste and released him. After soul searching, the artiste realized he made a mistake and apologized to governor Ongwae. Here is an attachment of his letter to the governor as shared in his social media accounts too;

((I, smallz Lethal was approached by individuals who gave me money and promised me goodies after the song is out to attack Governor Ongwae. Have seen admirable qualities in Ongwae and how he accomplish certain tasks which proves himself a role model to many and to be more specific, myself. Have tendered my apology to Ongwae and the whole government by going down in a bended kneel to ask for forgiveness for being misled by enemies ,hope they will kindheartedly forgive me.” Governor has the capacity to translate vision into reality.

I promised to be sober and careful not to be misled next time.Expect genuine music from now henceforth.

In his own words, the rapper clearly said “Honest is the first chapter in the book of wisdom” I find it harder to lie.

Who is a good artist? “An artist can be a performer e.g musician who speaks is mind without being coached” he narrated.


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